RooferWorx FAQs


Website Related Questions:

How Long Will It Take?

In most cases your site will be ready to view in around 48 hours from the time we receive all of your information. Any delay in answering our questions, or requests for custom changes will likely slow down the process. Custom content changes must be scheduled and may increase your time to 7-10 business days. Also, every site is completed in the order in which it is received. This may add a slight delay during peak times. We are not open on weekends or holidays and they are not included in our estimated time.

How Many Pages Are Included?

The website we offer is exactly the same as the sample on our site and contains the 7 pages found in the sample. If you request specific additional pages be included, we will offer a quote in advance for the development of the extra pages.

Do the text and images within the sample come with my new site?

Yes. The images and text in the sample site will be incorporated within your website. If you only install residential, we will remove all mentions and images of commercial roofing and vice versa.

Do you offer custom websites?

Yes, but we do so through our sister-site at Please visit for more information.

How long have you been in business?

5443 Media has been exclusively providing websites for contractors since 2007. We are knowledgeable about your business, and can talk all day about the challenges that contractors face every day. We speak your language, and this comes through in our writing, and how we design and build websites.

Can I edit my own website?

Yes, and we hope you do! You will be able to log into the back of your website and make changes to virtually any aspect of it. We provide video training to ensure that even if you have an idea in the middle of the night, you can sit down and update your site. And if you run into something you can't seem to figure out, we are here to help.

Do you include free updates?

Sometimes, but not all updates will be free. Depending on the complexity of your request and the amount of time it will take, we will let you know in advance if there will be a charge. We typically don't mind making small occasional updates, but only as time permits. If you are in a hurry, ask what it would cost to update faster. Unpaid updates will always be scheduled behind paid items.

Can I use my own domain name or will you order one for me?

If you already have a domain name that you wish to use, you may absolutely do so. And if you need us to secure one for you, we can handle that as well. Domain names we order for you are billed at $12.99 annually.

Am I allowed to move my site to other hosting?

After 12 monthly payments of $39.99 have been paid, you are allowed to move your site to other hosting. You may pay a lump sum before the 12 months are up. Keep in mind that we do not support any website that has been moved to other hosting. Our servers are business-class hosting, using much more expensive SSD drives and faster processors, and we do not recommend moving a business site to cheap hosting.

Does RooferWorx hosting include email addresses?

Absolutely! Your account includes five email accounts, which is plenty for most companies. If you need additional email accounts, let us know and we'll discuss your needs.

Can I check my email with my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely! We will give you everything you need to check your email from your smartphone or tablet. We support all operating systems and software.

The Sample shows a video, is that included?

Yes, it is included at no additional charge. You may choose one of our pre-made videos and it will be added to your new site. You may also use one that you already have. We also offer custom videos with your logo and phone number included for an additional charge. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Questions About the Money:

Is there a contract?

While there is no contract, you must pay at least 12 monthly payments of $39.99 in addition to the deposit before your site can be moved. You may also elect to pay the balance ($39.99 x the remainder of payments) to move your site earlier if you choose to do so. But we know that once you experience our business-class hosting, you will be happy to leave it right where it is.

Is my Credit Card Information Secure?

We utilize third party payments through PayPal to handle all of our payments. Their world-class security will ensure that your card information is safe.

Are there any hidden fees?

Never. Initially you will pay $132.99 for your deposit and first month of hosting ( +$39.99.) Each month thereafter your card will automatically be charged your monthly hosting fee of $39.99. The only time you would be charged anything different is if you elect for us to make changes for you, or you add new services. We will always quote them in advance so that you are NEVER shocked by a bill you were not expecting.

How do I Cancel My Service?

At any point after you have paid for 12 months of hosting, you may elect to cancel your service. Simply call or send us an email and we will handle everything for you.

How do I update my payment information?

The easiest way is to either log into your Paypal account, or simply call them. They will help you update your payment information so that your payment continues.

Can I pay for an entire year of hosting instead of monthly payments?

Of course! Simply pay the entire balance of $578.88 up front and we'll get started. Contact us directly and we'll walk you through the process. The following year you will be billed again for the next 12 months of hosting, or you may elect to pay monthly.